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Hola, I’m Patty and my keto journey began after a tragedy, in March 2017 a beloved friend of mine passed away suddenly. He was only 45 years young and I decided to get healthy right away. Being 43 and also obese, it got to me. I started not knowing what I was doing, I had read about it here and there but most of the books talk about how you are changing your body to do something instead of something else, couldn’t find an actual guide of what to do but I figured it out. Reading, trying new things, listening to my body, etc. I’ve learned a lot along the way, I’ve done it all, high fat, egg fast, you name it. There are many things I thought I knew but now I know better. One of the things I love about this diet is that I learn new things every day. There are new studies, my body reacted differently to something, new experiences, new products, etc.

Cooking is one of my passions. I love cooking for my loved ones, it gives me so much pleasure to see their faces after eating a bite of something I just cooked. The feeling is indescribable. And now my passion is to make the foods that my family knows and loves much healthier but still tasty.

I grew up by my mom’s side in the kitchen, I learned to make salsa in the molcajete when I was 4 years old, I cooked for my brothers, sisters, nieces, and nephews since I was like 8 years old, and I haven’t stopped doing it ever since. I will try to keep true to my mom’s seasoning as much as possible, keeping it authentic is my priority here.  Oh-em-geeeee look at how cute I was even back then lol. #iSoCute

I hit 247lbs (recorded on MyFitnessPal) but I actually think I got all the way to 250lbs
but have no way of proving it lol. I tried every diet under the sun until keto. It has completely changed my life, and I know the struggle, if you’re overweight and trying to get healthier, TRUST me, I know how you feel. I went through it all, the shame, the pretending not to care, the “I’ll start on Monday” etc. So now, after going through so much, learning new things and after listening to my mentor, the great Tom Leykis, I
have started a “little internet project” of my own. Fasten your seat belts cause it’s about to get real! Your life will change so much, you won’t recognize yourself (in a good way).

This is it. Are you ready?! LET’S DO THIS TOGETHER!

70 lbs down and counting!

Good Taste

My recipes are always delicious and authentic. Growing up in my mom’s kitchen and learning her tricks under her guidance (or should I say pressure?) lol my mom was Mexican after all  I learned by doing and getting my fingers burned and getting hit in the knuckles by her wooden spoon #GoodTimes

Good Health

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be flavorless anymore. By following a ketogenic diet, you will be able to enjoy your favorite dishes growing up without any of the guilt. Wait until you taste my delicious chicken chicharrones, they’re to die for!


The funny thing about the keto diet is that people tend to say it’s not sustainable but let me show you different. My recipes are easy to make, with ingredients that are readily available in most places (sorry AUS and NZ) and definitely tasty. I will try to use whole foods as much as possible but since we are avoiding carbs, some substitutions might be needed.

Social Media

Follow me for on Instagram for delicious food porn and check out my stories for tips on how to eat daily, how to weigh ingredients and how to count macros to succeed on this diet. Also, check out whatim up to every day, shenanigans galore mah friend. #SoyTraviesa

Follow me on Facebook for live cooking videos and articles translated just for you, let’s be friends!

Twitter it’s a fountain of crazy! Very laid back! Let’s follow each other and join the fun!

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Why Me?

Every Week Something New

My weekly videos will help you plan for the week, prepare special occasion meals and also we’ll have fun interacting online with each other.

Easy Recipe Directions

You’re gonna be surprised how easy it is to cook Mexican Food. I have been at it for a long time and trust me, you’re gonna be cooking without measuring ingredients in no time flat ha ha ha.

Healthy Choices

I prefer to use whole ingredients as much as possible. I promise to post macros and break it down for you, you won’t believe how easy and delicious your food is gonna turn out. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be
boring anymore.

Original Recipes

All of my recipes have been concocted by yours truly. If I got an idea or a recipe from someone else I will link to the creator for proper credit. And hey, remember that I’m measuring just for you! If it was up to me I’d go “a pinch of this, a handful of that”  

I Get It

I have been in your shoes. I know all about not finding clothes to wear. The shame when people look at you funny at the store. The worry about losing the one by your side. The longing for a body you keep seeing all around you. I’m still working on it. Let’s get this shit done TOGETHER!.

Accessible Ingredients

Ingredients used in my recipes are so easy to find. If there is something that is hard to find, use the link by the ingredient on the recipe, it will take you to an online store in which you can order it.